Knights In The Classroom

The London Knights, in conjunction with the London District Catholic School Board and the Thames Valley District School Board, are proud of their exciting online mathematical program geared towards grade 4 and grade 6 elementary students. The London Knights are dedicated to education and this program is designed to continue to support education in our community.

Sample Question:

C.J. Yakimowicz, a member of the London Knights, is pushing for the right wing position on the powerplay unit. The Knights are really looking to add some size in front of the net. The heights of the other players on the powerplay are shown below:

Aaron Barisha – 156 cm

Eric Henderson – 183 cm

Mitchell Marner – 156 cm

Chris Martenet – 204 cm


Collectively, the mean height of the second power play unit is 177 cm. What is C.J.'s height? ____ cm   

Bonus: How could you use mean in a sport that you play/are familiar with? Explain with an example.


For More Information:
Geoffrey Hare
Director of Marketing
519-681-0800  ext. 6443